Ecole ITALIENNE vers 1630, d'après ROSSO

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Ecole ITALIENNE vers 1630, d'après ROSSO
St. Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy with an Angel Canvas mounted on a parquet panel 100 x 76 cm (Restorations ) Unframed Note: Our painting is based on Rosso Fiorentino's Death of Cleopatra, painted by the artist during his Roman period between 1524 and 1527 and now in the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum in Brunswick (see D. Franklin, Rosso in Italy, New Haven & London, 1994, reproduced fig. 112). This painting by Rosso was a huge success and various versions of it are known to have been distributed throughout Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Among the most famous works, we can cite the Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy by Caravaggio, preserved in a Roman collection, which takes up the composition of Rosso Fiorentino and transforms it into a religious subject, as well as the Lorraine paintings by Jacques de Bellange and his entourage, who transformed the model into St. Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy with an angel, known by several versions. This change of subject from Cleopatra to Mary Magdalene is explained by the great sensuality of the Egyptian queen, which was very well suited to the representation of Mary Magdalene.
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