HENRI IV (1553-1610).

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HENRI IV (1553-1610).
Letter signed, countersigned by the secretary of State Marin Ruzé, addressed to the advisers, lawyers and general prosecutors of the Court of Parliament of Tours (address on the back). 1 p. folio. "At the camp of Darnetal" [near Rouen], December 11, 1591. Beautiful letter written during the siege of Rouen. "If the good people do not receive some honor and reward for their merits and the evil ones the punishment they have served, it is not to be hoped that the affairs succeed happily and that those who are devoted to evil living without reprehension of punishment do not let themselves go to all kinds of evil. The King thus invites the magistrates to work so that the crimes do not remain unpunished, in particular those which touch the general interest of the country "between which we put the perfidy of the Sr. de Vaucelles now prisoner in our city of Tours, which to have delivered by trayson or lascheté of heart Mirebeau to our rebels was cause of the death of several people and the whole ruin of an infinity of others". The King therefore ordered that his trial be held and judged "in the great chamber of our palace and not elsewhere".
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