Antoine PESNE (Paris 1683 - Berlin 1757) Portrait... - Lot 44 - Christophe Joron Derem

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Antoine PESNE (Paris 1683 - Berlin 1757) Portrait... - Lot 44 - Christophe Joron Derem
Antoine PESNE (Paris 1683 - Berlin 1757) Portrait of the painter Jean - Baptiste Gayot Dubuisson Canvas 80 x 65 cm (Restorations) Note : Trained in Paris at the Académie Royale and in the studio of Charles de La Fosse, Antoine Pesne spent several years in Italy, notably in Venice, before joining the Prussian court, where he was called by the Elector Frederick I in 1710. The princes of the German courts, anxious to shine in the midst of a fragmented Empire, were particularly attracted by the Versailles model and welcomed many French artists into their residences, foremost among them portraitists, of whom Pesne is one of the most talented examples. In addition to official commissions and ceremonial portraits, he also painted the features of his friends and family. The portrait of Jean-Baptiste Gayot-Dbuisson (1660-1735), a French painter of fruit and flowers, a pupil of Monnoyer, who was active in Berlin and Dresden, belongs to this category. He was the artist's father-in-law, who had married his daughter in Rome. At least three portraits of Dubuisson by Pesne are known (see G. Poensgen et al, Antoine Pesne, Berlin, 1958, pp. 114-115, no. 76). The one we present here is unpublished. Appearing in bust form, the model could be identified thanks to another portrait representing him seated and holding his palette, recently reappeared on the market (anonymous sale, Münich, Hampel, 3 December 2010, n° 339, reproduced).
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