Pierre-Auguste RENOIR (1841-1919)

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Pierre-Auguste RENOIR (1841-1919)
Portrait of Jeanne Baudot-1896 Oil on canvas 24 x 19 cm This work will be included in the Digital Catalogue Raisonné Pierre-Auguste RENOIR under preparation under the aegis of the Wildenstein Plattner Institute, inc. Provenance: - Pierre-Auguste RENOIR, France - Collection Jeanne BAUDOT, acquired from him - Private Collection, France. Remained in Jeanne BAUDOT's family by descent Bibliography: - Jeanne BAUDOT, Renoir, ses amis, ses modèles (Paris. Editions littéraires de France, 1949), p. 66 Note: Jeanne BAUDOT (1877-1957) is the daughter of Doctor Emile BAUDOT, head doctor of the Western Railways Company, and Auguste RENOIR's doctor. She lived in Louveciennes in the same building where RENOIR had its workshop from 1897 to 1914. In 1893, it was through her collector cousin, Paul GALLIMARD, father of Gaston GALLIMARD, that Jeanne BAUDOT met Auguste RENOIR, of whom she became the only student. His work was recognized by his contemporaries and is now part of the Pantheon of the rare Impressionist women. "She received artistic advice from RENOIR and can be considered her only true student. In BENEZIT Dictionary. "She was sixteen years old, the daughter of the chief medical officer of the Western Railway Company, and, to the amazement of her parents who had the feeling of hens having hatched a duck, she painted and admired RENOIR. In Jean RENOIR, Pierre Auguste RENOIR, my father. In 1896, during the baptism of Jean RENOIR, Auguste RENOIR's second son, at the Saint Pierre de Montmartre church, Jeanne BAUDOT was his godmother, and Georges DURAND RUEL, son of Pierre DURAND RUEL, his godfather. "My mother had wanted to marry Jeanne BAUDOT and Georges DURAND RUEL. It was to bring them together that she asked them to be my godfather and godmother. In Jean RENOIR, Pierre Auguste RENOIR, my father. Auguste RENOIR made several portraits of Jeanne BAUDOT including the Portrait of Jeanne Baudot thre
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